Monday, April 13, 2009

Somali Pirates and American Degenerates

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Now for the commentary:

I find it highly immoral that we would even begin to denigrate the names of those who have taken it upon themselves to defend their littoral borders and provide for the common welfare of all Somalis.  Granted, the events aboard the Maersk Alabama are inexcusable, but this is only one example of many and we, to this day, have yet to let the Somalis establish their anarchistic views under the guise of "aide" programs that have very little to do with aide and very much to do with disrupting the populace through both human error and cultural dissonance.  We are not a benevolent country in terms of foreign policy, and at the very least we are responsible for the economic retardation of several Latin American coutries while working to arm fascist regimes in the area, as well as the Suharto regime in their genocide of East Timor (may the world never forget).

Whatever your political views, it should not get in the way of understanding that these pirates (as they are called) are in fact volunteer coast guards established in the wake of the early '90s governmental collapse.  Would you come to the aide of your country if there were no government leading it?  Would you take arms against those who have committed grave injustice and poisoned your people?  Let us listen to the voice of reason in this case, for what we malign and fear are only people doing what they believe to be right.  Sometimes (as is the case for the Maersk Alabama), what people believe to be doing in the name of righteousness falls into error.  These men may die for their errancy, but many more will be called forth out of a belief that they must chase the illegal trawlers and ships that might pollute their waters.

Let us not forget that the subliminal racism of the media plays a role in framing the Maersk Alabama debacle as a prime example while leaving out the millions of pirate missions performed in Somali waters since navigable watercraft became known in the area.  It would be harder to frame the pilots in a favorable light in the cases where cadmium dumping operations were performed, and it would be catastrophic if it were found out we were relying on a small patch of coastline for a great deal of saltwater fish, the currents of our own hemisphere, toxification of our littoral space and overfishing playing a major role in these quasi-illegal trawling expeditions.

Before we begin pointing fingers at people of a different nationality and culture than our own, whose reasons for performing such acts are blurred and distorted by the media, let's ask our own government about our heavy metals recycling programs and why heavy metal dumping continues both within and without our littoral space.  Ask it why we still have companies who perform these unsustainable commercial trawling expeditions and give pirates a reason to kidnap and hold crews at ransom.  We are being lied to, not just about the motives of these pirates who we make a minstrel show out of (is our own continuing war on our Sub-Saharan-descended population not good enough anymore?), but about the amount of accountability the media has.  Sever the ties between media and the subsidiary companies that perform these dispicable acts, and we would be closer to having a more accurate portrait of why the world finds us so base and incompetant.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

An Introduction

In Kentucky folklore, the Pope Lick Monster is a half-goat, half-man creature which possesses the ability to control the minds and actions of others to the ends of terror and, in most cases, death.  I believe we can all take a page from his book and control the actions of those institutions which deal in unsavory and inethical practices to terror and ruin while maintaining a reasonable amount of protection under the law and from our respective communities.

While I do not advocate violence or the destruction of personal or corporate property in the pursuit of these aims, I can empathize with those who feel it is necessary to do so.  It is very important to remember, though, that the reparations for said property do not come from the organization, but from the blood and sweat of its lowest members (unwilling pawns that they are, please show them sympathy).  It is only inequity that is perpetuated through these exercises, and important to note that most inethical organizations employ those who are not too well off (I speak from personal experience) and will usually take the developmentally disabled or culturally-naive for as much as they can swindle them.  They will waste their resources building and rebuilding their empires, and it is usually the day-laborer who will feel the brunt of their ruin.

[Personal sidenote:  I used to work for a franchaise operated by a functionally illiterate crone and received constant reminder from her spoiled children that I was in a dead-end job that would continue to pay me $5.15 on the hour for work that eventually left me disabled.  When the franchaise/tax shelter was literally sold from underneath our feet, she was relocated and given the helm of another frachaise and I was left to perform more day-labor despite a debilitating back condition.  This is an example of what we are against:  groups that are anti-merit and provide work only to dull the wage-earner into complacency and physical ruin.]

I have been in the belly of the beast and I know the lament faced by the undocumented workers and the utter contempt of humanity exercised within.  However, it is not merely enough to know its evils, but one must confront them and drive them out while having a firm plan to rehabilitate these workers into a lifestyle that will promote self-sufficiency as well as a common good.  Washington isn't going to do this, no matter how much faith you have.  Organized religion only serves as the bully pulpit of politics, and the two have been intertwined since time immemorial, despite what our code of ethics may be on the matter.  It is only through the direct action of the people to establish and maintain a quasi- or fully-stateless system of direct action and cooperation between voluntary parties.

Despite having seen some good issue forth on the part of the Libertarian Party, I have only seen lowest common denominator pandering in most instances and hollow promises in still a greater part of their "campaign".  It is my firm belief that no organized body or person (including the very one who writes to you now) can tell you what is right if you have firm belief in your own inalienable (some would say God-given) sense of intelligence.  To delegate responsibility (even before God, when He has issued you your full capacity and does not wish His issue questioned) is the most shameful form of sloth and apathy.  You are given this one test, and relying on ANYONE for all the answers is cheating.  You can only be forgiven through your respective Higher Power, but you must first honestly learn how to forgive yourself while castigating the repressive elements that bind fast on your impulse towards good.

Humanity is benevolent, except when it chooses to believe it can only be cruel.  Only through finding our true will can enlightenment begin, its neverending processes continuing even after the extinction of its agent's consciousness.  May all humans be willing to accept their beliefs at the edge of a sword, for it is only through blood and flesh that we can exercise the great sacrifices needed to propogate the ideals of righteousness and benevolence.  Many have died for ideals greater in scope than a mere Sunday school lesson, and greater still have perished in wickedness, clinging to the source of their discontent like a drunkard to his wine.  May they all find solace in the inconsequentiality of mortal existence, while those who live can only begin to struggle with its implications while fighting wars over things of no value and great ruin.  If it is truly right, you will not struggle for your beliefs, but humbly accept the time of passing and feel no suffering in its wake.  It is better to leave only the waste of your corpse than to waste the lives of future generations; it is better still to fertilize the earth with your demise than to scorch the earth in pursuing arrogant and flippant ventures.

May no power, no emotion, no suffering hold sway over those who fight only for the good of others, but may the relinquishing embrase of death bitterly marr the campaigns of kings and those who pretend to the principles of soverignty and self-reliance while enslaving their constituency.  Sic semper tyrannis!